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lisacelina-photography whispered: Hi you ;) Any tipps how i can get a sixpack without going to gym? I love your blog ♥


Hey! :) 
So, rule number one: abs are made in the gym but shown in the kitchen. This means that you can train and excercise as long and as hard as you want but if you’re not eating healthy, than abs are never gonna show. So, check your nutrition! ;) 
But! Don’t worry, you can definitely get a six pack without going to the gym. There are a lot of options:

- you can download an app, like Nike Training Club and do some of their exercises. They are AMAZING! I love that app, it made me lose around 8-9 kg so if you’re eating well and exercising with them, it works! 

- right now, I am following Blogilates workout calendar, it works perfectly and she has very good videos for abs in particular I would say. Here, I’ll leave you the link to some of my favorites: 




- also, there are so many videos online, that you can search for, and most of them are effective, so have fun and look them up! 

- last tip: don’t overtrain abs there is no need for it. Also focus on cardio, because you have to melt the fat in order to show your abs and don’t forget to train all your other muscles. My personal trainer used to tell me he only worked abs once a week, because even if you do legs or arms, or cardio, abs and the core are always engaged anyway so they need less training. 

Hope this helps sweetie :) 

lisacelina-photography whispered: Hi you ;-) Any tipps how I can get a sixpack without going to gym? I love your blog ♡


hey hun, if you want a sixpack you need to eat a super healthy diet!

Check out this program: The 3 Week Diet! It outlines exactly what you should be eating and when to lose weight and get a sixpack! PLUS it takes only 3 weeks to see results!! 

Alternatively, you can try my favorite cookbook: The Metabolic Cookbook! All the recipes are designed to boost metabolism and burn fat, exactly what you need to make your abs show through! 

Try them out and let me know how it goes! :)

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